Why do you need tracing services?

It’s currently estimated that more than one million pensions worth £3 billion have been abandoned in dormant accounts. The unclaimed assets register estimates this could be £20 billion and by 2050 it’s predicted that some £750 billion pensions will remain unclaimed.

Whether you’re a large or small organisation looking to locate people you have lost contact with, our unique, multi-layered, tracing solution can help to re-unite you with your lost customers.

How we can help you trace lost assets

We have partnered with one of the top credit bureaus in the UK to deliver electronic tracing services to the life and pensions market. We have access to over 420 million records provided by UK financial institutions, which enable us to deliver current, robust, and quality tracing services to our clients.

Why choose us?

We are recognised as industry leaders who to help clients locate people and trace lost assets.

Whether you are a Trustee or looking on behalf of a financial institution, we can provide you with an advanced end-to-end online tracing and verification solution, Completetrace™. To find out how Completetrace™ can help you, click here.

We can also provide individual tracing services for your organisation, to find out more about these, click here.