Why is data so important?

Without good data you can't run an effective pensions administration service. If a scheme has inaccurate or missing data, this can have serious cost implications for the scheme and its members. This is why data underpins all aspects of administration, and is fundamental to the good governance and risk control of any pension scheme.

What can we do to help you keep your data clean?

We understand the pressures placed on trustees of pension schemes, to comply with the legal requirements of maintaining accurate data under the Data Protection Act, various Pensions Acts and Regulations.

Our Coredata™ service supports pension schemes, trustees and pension managers through the analysis, improvement and monitoring of your data. We listen carefully to you to fully understand your scheme structure so that we can create bespoke reports to ensure your data meets regulatory compliance. 

Our track record for analysing data - to check its presence, consistency and completeness - is widely recognised within the pensions world as being among the best. We have a team of tracing experts who track down missing data, analyse the results, compile impact reports with recommendations as to what needs to be done now and in the future to improve your data.

Our solutions ensure you have the right data in the right place at the right time.

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